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Hockey Rules

General rules: Unless otherwise stated, all bets are for regulation time only and don’t include either overtime or penalty shootouts. Example: Dynamo Moscow and Metallurg Novokuznetsk are tied and proceed to overtime. Dynamo Moscow triumph. The final rating for purposes is Metallurg Novokuznetsk 2, Dynamo Moscow 2. If a lineup comprises overtime, it will be clearly stated in the bet offer and clearly written on the bet slip. Please assess your bet slip. Penalty Shootouts

Moneyline and Win Bets

What is a Moneyline/Win wager? Among the most common sports bets you may have already left against a friend without even knowing it’s a moneyline wager. The moneyline wager is also known as a win bet, based on what portion of the world you’re in. The United States refers to this wager as a moneyline wager while the majority of the rest of the world identifies this as a win bet. Leave it to the